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Webware Consulting
My name is Daniel Davies and I have been in the software industry for over twenty years. I have noticed that enterprise software has become a tangle of technologies, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Web Services, PHP to name a few of these technologies. I have been involved in helping companies use these and other technologies successfully in many industries.

I have also noticed that many companies can not afford the prices charged by big consulting companies but need expert help with web based systems. When I worked for one of the largest software companies in the country, my time was billed to clients for as high as $250 per hour. Now, I provide the same expertise and professionalism for a tiny fraction of that price. I specialize in telecommute Java and LAMP projects. If you need an expert, but can't afford a full time person, Webware Consulting is here to help you.

I am excited to announce that Webware Consulting, LLC is now a registered iPhone / iPad developer. If you have a mobile application you want developed, Webware Consulting is ready to help. To learn about our first product Celebration Tracker click here.

I can help you with OOAD, Java coding or troubleshooting your problem applications. Let me know how I can help you.
Email me at: webwareconsulting@att.net
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